We Forgot to thank them all

indian army2

Indian army 1
jai hind

They sacrificed their lives for us, they took bullets for us and  we forgot to thank them.  Yes, I am talking about those brave- hearts who  sacrifice their lives for our safety. But instead of  respecting them- we abused them, threw pellets at them. I thank the Indian Army to let me live my life the way I want and for providing me a comfortable sleep on a comfortable bed while they themselves  slept on the bed of stones.  I thank them to to protect our borders in extreme places such as Siachen and Rajasthan , while I was having a comfortable sleep in an Air conditioned room.

These soldiers are not only found in the Indian Army but even at our homes. These soldiers do not have any weapons in their hand but lots of love and tears to show us that they are always there to protect you, yes they are none other than our parents who despite of any problem will be there for you, but instead of thanking them we send them to old age homes and start seeing them as a burden. I thank mom and dad for sacrificing their lives for my happiness, for all those sleepless nights they had when I was ill. So never ever leave these brave soldiers who love us more than we do.

We all should be thankful to our parents for being there for us when we wanted someone to take care of us while letting the Indian army know that if they were not there, our fears would have increased .


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