I met God


The days became dull while the nights became darker, I  sat alone crying for the things that were not meant for me. I had forgotten the true meaning of happiness and how was it to smile unless the focus changed and I met God.

let us assume our “life” to be a book and our “situations” to be the pages of that book. In todays world which is full of competition and technology, people do not focus on the current page of the life but focus on the upcoming pages where they demand more and thank less. Even my life was stranded on the same page until the day when I decided to shift to some other book and when I read it,  I learnt some people even did not had the opportunity to cherish those happy pages which were there in my book.

This was the day when I found God. G- Grateful O- for the opportunity D- of a deserving Life. The day we all start focusing on the beautiful things in life , you would realize that even the night holds moon and the stars.

You should also realize that you have the best things in life because some people even do not enjoy those few things. You are very lucky that you are getting food to eat or fresh water to drink because some people do not enjoy those luxuries.  Just one time in the morning thank god for giving you sleep because it gave you the opportunity to dream because dreaming is a luxury too.

Keep smiling and spread positivity……….



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