The conquest for peace

Everyone desires peace and happiness in their lives but no one knows how to achieve peace. We are so trapped in the conquest for power and money that we forget how it feels like to achieve peace.peace

Even I found myself trapped in the vicious cycle of the world. My main focus was on achieving things which weren’t meant for me such as expecting love from the people who did not care for me or my act of demanding things which weren’t meant for me. This was the time where “peace” was lost,  and my life was stumbled by the fake barriers of society.  The problem was that these barriers were created by my own mind , by remembering my past and also thinking about people who did wrong to me. This was the time when I did not know myself, smile had vanished  with which I forgot the definition of a happy life. The only things which surrounded me was a bubble full of stress, depression and negativity.

Those months were tough but made me realize an important thing that every positive event needs time. We all need to realize that when we focus on people who hurt us or talk negative about us,  we waste our own time because those people are not getting affected,  It is you who suffers .The people who you trusted and turned out to be harsh were those wrong steps which were necessary to make you strong and not weak. 

We all just need to remember that we should look for the bright sun which would bloom our day or the early mornings where you could hear birds chirping and how these things would make you smile. Peace cannot be found if you focus on negativity; peace can only be found if you look for the positives and not the negatives. These positives are the people who you can talk to, who care for you and will not judge you. If still, Peace is not found remember that God listens to you.







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