The state of life – SUBHAV KAPOOR

What is life and why do I have to struggle to attain success …….??

Mount Lhotse and silhouette of man wirh ice axe

I define life in different states similar to different states of water. In  its liquid state, water flows freely and no one can stop it , similarly when our life is in a happy state we can expect free flow of happiness and no one can stop us from being happy not even our own soul.  The second state in which we can observe water is the,  solid state where from outside it looks like it is hard and cringy but we forget that inside it is the same water. In our life, there is a certain state where our happiness is suppressed inside and from outside we all are sad and feel depressed.

My main motive behind explaining this formula is simple, the way you see your life defines the way you see yourself.  In this world of competition we forget to work on ourselves, we let our failures define our lives.   A success story is not just about earning large amounts of money but a confidence to face each and every fear, to cleanise your soul every day so that you could face god with a beautiful soul rather than a beautiful face.

If we change our perspective towards life, I assure you that success and happiness would come your way.  If you are sad-  sit for 5 minutes, take a deep breath, remember the people who make you happy and I assure you that you will smile. Also crying is the best option, we all have been made to believe that crying is a stratergy used by the successful people. Crying helps you release all those negative feelings and let happy feelings come in. The last thing I want to clear is that the stereotypes which we hold as individuals especially regarding mental health is all a sham and does not hold any truth.

Coming back to the question, why do we have to struggle to gain success.  Struggle is nothing but a path to success. for example if a person dreams of climbing mount- Everest, He/she needs  to learn about mountaineering, struggle to achieve the stamina to climb Everest and once he fights these struggles, success is on his side.



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