The art of imagination and law of Attraction.


YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU SOW!!!!!Opening-Your-Mind-To-The-Wonders-Of-Your-Imagination

You associate the above line with The law of attraction, but it is just a sub aspect of the theory of law of attraction. In this article, I am going to take you into a deeper meaning of he law of attraction and how it will help you achieve ANYTHING in life.

Today I am going to show the deeper meaning of law of attraction through shades of psychology and religion. Many psychologists have emphasized on the power of mind and Buddhists have called our mind the” UNIVERSE”. You need to realize the power of your mind; yes your” karmic account affects your life but your mind creates your life” . That is law of attraction.

Let me give you a small example to explain it furthermore; If you want a Mercedes, create an imaginative reality in which you can see yourself driving the car, feel the motion and the color and imagine yourself besides the car. Through this you have contacted the universe and have prepared your mind for success.

When you contact the universe, it sorts out things for your dream and carves out opportunities towards your goal and to avail the opportunities you have to work hard. Though you may not get the Mercedes but you will get the thing you deserve which will be better for you not anybody else. For example instead of a Mercedes , you may sign a new deal which you have been struggling for. Though you could not get a Mercedes, but you got a deal because it is better for you. This is the power of the universe and the power of your mind. ” Imagination is the first preparation for the trip of success.”

You will question the vagueness of the article but I assure you this is the first step towards success because you have to think big to attract bigger things. You must understand the power of your mind and  the universe. Steve jobs became successful because of his hard- work but also because of his vision , imagination of seeing himself successful.  If you sow the seed of positivity, you get positivity. If you sow your imagination within your mind or the universe, you will plant the tree of success though the tree may look different from your imagination, it will be for your betterment.   MAY YOU BE BLESSED WITH LOT OF SUCCEESS.



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