Life is an unpredictable journey filled with a mix jar of emotions and materialistic characters like money , cars etc.  But the question which I am going to ask requires a deep introspection-  Is money a sole proprietor of happiness and can it really spread peace.??

The concept of God not in the terms of religion , but in terms of an energy answers all the questions.  If money was a powerful power , it could have made us immortal  and tackled death but it can’t .  No matter how much wealth you may have, at the end it will not go with you but what will go with you is your karma, memories and deeds.

Earning money is not bad , because to survive the concept of society, you require money. But , When people earn this money, they rate it as the ultimate truth of life and start ignoring the real truths of life which is-  spread love, do good karma and never downgrade anyone.

 Often people downgrade other people through the aspect of money which is not good.  Instead of downgrading people, help them and moreover make them feel worthy.  Feed a needy person with food and feel the satisfaction which cannot be bought for money. It makes us thank god for the things we have because often people start thinking that they are above god.

To lead a life of satisfaction-  1) Be down to earth, 2) never ever break your relations over money , 3) Always thank god , 4) do not put hands over someone else’s share and , 5) Spread love not hate because money can bring you every thing which has a cost, but not a life of satisfaction.

I learnt these things from my grandfather who filled my heart with love and always taught me these beautiful lessons of life through his stories.. I miss you Dadu..




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