The RAIN!!

blur buildings city clean
Photo by Pixabay on

The rain poured down, swiftly and smoothly making me conjecture about its origin. These droplets emanate from those clouds, bursting out of sadness and joy until the sunshine comes again.

For us humans, rain is a blessing in disguise;  For a small span of time, it allows us to captivate our attention towards the delightful food which is a bliss during the rains only.  Roadside flint corns are one such examples which not only bring in the taste you want but also melt into your emotions like a soothing song.

Rain is a reality check!!, while our cars and bikes allow to observe the droplets, they resemble tears for some. While those without a shelter struggle to sleep, rain becomes a disguise for them.  They wander, shiver and hope for the sunshine , just to dry up those streets; which is also their home.

For me, rain is a response of the nature to us  humans.  We discriminate, we divide the world into castes , religions etc; but the rain does not discriminate, it pours down everywhere without any eyes to judge like the blessings of god..

           THANK YOU!!

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