The wonders of life are as thunderous as the storm,  as silent as the wind and as patient as a lake. They are the one’s which reside under us and we are all aware about it . FOUND IT ??;

The modern day linguistics term these as “EMOTIONS”.

Emotions– as wonders of life can be seen as an assumption rather than an affirmation not because these ideas aren’t true, but because of the famous phrase ” EITHER YOU LET YOUR EMOTIONS CONTROL YOU, OR YOU CONTROL THEM”.   So if you let your emotions control you, it becomes an affirmation and if not it remains an assumption. 

For me , They are also the wonders of life because , to a certain extent, emotions govern your life. The emotions of love, sorrow , pain , joy  transform our life ,no matter how much we try to run away from them.

This is the mischievous nature of our emotions and that is the reason why you cannot see them ,but only feel them  and that feeling brings out the physical choices such as crying, laughing or just silence. This why I say , they are as thunderous as the sky, as silent as the wind and as patient as a lake.

THE MOTIVE: Talking about your emotions is necessary; People often talk about money, business but forget to talk about their emotions and this is where “the burden” of emotions takes the turn towards problems such as depression, exhaustion etc.  So share your emotions , feelings because “THERE ARE NO BAD EMOTIONS, BUT ONLY WONDERS…….



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